About WBG.com

Wild Bill Guarnere.com is a digital tribute to William J. Guarnere, a member of the 101st Airborne, 506th P.I.R. Easy Company, United States Army. Known by his war comrades as “Wild Bill,” the site aims to chronicle his life, as well as document his heroism. He and his comrades received international attention when Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg released their 10 part mini series for HBO, A Band of Brothers.

This site was built by Bill’s grandson, Gino, who works in both photography and interactive web development. WBG.com has gone through 5 redesigns, and this latest version represents the current state of affairs on the web, social media. Wildbill Guarnere.com receives hundreds of thousands of page views a month, and has grown into one of the largest repositories of data regarding World War 2.

Our official site launch was March 31, 2002. Since that time, Bill has added 5 new great grandchildren to the already-impressive stable of 15, bringing his total number of grandkids to a whopping 20.

Thanks for visiting Wild Bill’s home on internet. You’re helping keep the legacy of these great men alive.

Gino Guarnere and the rest of the Guarnere clan